December 4, 2017


111 Ethical Eating Day – Due 1/11/2018

Ethical Eating means choosing a vegetarian diet and locally produced food because such personal choices prevent global warming and combat climate change. 

Why Vegetarian? Nearly 1/5 of all greenhouse gases are attributed to livestock production – more than what is generated by transportation. 70% of crops grown are fed to livestock, which produce large amounts of waste and methane -a heat- trapping gas more than 25 times than carbon dioxide. 30% of the land on Earth is in some way used to raise the animals we eat, which results in land degradation, loss of biodiversity, air and water pollution, and water shortages. 

Why Local?  The food on one’s plate travels, on average, a distance of 1,500 miles. Locally grown food tastes better than food grown at a distance, as it is generally safer and fresher. Knowing the producers enables us to assess the quality of food and having multiple small food producers limits extent of harmful substances that may make it into the food system. Industrial livestock farms create very few jobs; and, in fact, drastically reduce jobs when they replace family farms, causing individual farmers in the US to suffer.

~ Change starts with us and it can start one day at a time. ~
請響應 「111世界蔬醒日」 - 111 Ethical Eating Day

撰稿: 李慧雯老師 (十年慈悲班)