March 25, 2017

3/25 註冊相關事宜說明會





/行政組 恭敬合十

March 23, 2017

I-90 Westbound Close starting Friday night (3/24 - 3/26)

It might have some impact on people going east bound I-90 on Saturday morning, and backing up I405 interchanges near I-90. 

 - Safety Team

2017 Registration Orientation - all parents invited



為了讓大家能知悉今年註冊的流程與新的要求,行政團隊敬邀所有家長於本週六(3/25)早上 11點,在餐廳聽取「註冊說明會」,讓大家更了解註冊流程。
另外,上週三我們接到Tillicum Middle School 的臨時通知,得知5/20 將無法使用校舍,所以學校活動也將有所更動,會議中也將和大家說明。


記得喔! 這週六(325)早上11:00,餐廳見!!!


Dear Parents,

As you know, we have been using online registration system for a few years. With your feedback in mind, we made great efforts to accommodate and improve the online experience for all. Thanks for our volunteer parent Andy’s dedication and countless hours of work, there are a few changes in the registration process and we would like to hold a parent meeting to explain the process and some requirements as well.

During the meeting, we will also announce a couple calendar updates due to a short notice from Tillicum middle school. One last thing we will communicate about the accredited high school Chinese language credits for your students.

You are sincerely invited to join the parent meeting on coming Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 11:00 AM in the cafeteria.

/Admin team

March 13, 2017

食素、種樹、愛地球 4

Dear Parents of Tzu Chi Academy

期待中的「食素、種樹、愛地球 4」來了!
The  Veggie day of March is coming again. This will be our 4th out five Veggie days of "Love the Earth" series.

Love the Earth by eating NO meat! It is that simple to participate!

When you plead to eat "no meat" the whole day on 3/18/2017, allow us to support your commitment by inviting you to lunch with all other participants at cafeteria this coming Saturday.

Up to now, we have raised more than 1200 trees on the happy land!
Please join us to commit a NO meat day and come accept our big thank-you.

To join the Veggie day and enjoy the lunch, please RSVP by noon on 3/17/2017.

Here is the sign-up link:

Tzu Chi Academy, Seattle

/西雅圖慈濟人文學校  虔誠敬邀

三月十一日校外學藝競賽, 本校學生表現優異為校爭光


看圖寫作 高級組 第一名 1st Place 李雯琪
看圖寫作 初級組 第一名 1st Place 訾晴葳
看圖寫作 初級組 第二名 2nd Place 鄭子謙
看圖寫作 初級組 第三名 3rd Place 陳沐恩
書法 初級組 第一名 1st Place 訾晴葳
書法 初級組 第二名 2nd Place 鄭子謙
書法 初級組 第三名 3rd Place 陳子安
書法 初級組 優勝獎 Honorable Mention 趙翊如
書法 初級組 優勝獎 Honorable Mention 薛育媛
書法 初小組 第三名 3rd Place 王芳慈
識字 高級組 第一名 1st Place 李雯琪
識字 中級組 第一名 1st Place 訾晴媗
識字 中級組 第二名 2nd Place 施萱琳
識字 中級組 優勝獎 Honorable Mention 陳思穎
識字 初級組 第一名 1st Place 陳沐恩
識字 初級組 第二名 2nd Place 訾晴葳
識字 初級組 第三名 3rd Place 趙翊如
識字 初級組 優勝獎 Honorable Mention 洪振桀
識字 初級組 優勝獎 Honorable Mention 蔡易憲
識字 初小組 第一名 1st Place 王芳慈
識字 初小組 第二名 2nd Place 蘇卓威
識字 初小組 第三名 3rd Place 肯柏妮