August 25, 2019

2019 學年度即將開學

開學通知預計會在8/31之後陸續寄出,已經註冊的家長如果您的聯絡email更動,請儘速與註冊組 ( 聯絡新的 email address.


 ****English Version****
The Welcome letter will be emailed on and after 8/31 to the emails when you register your students. Please contact registrar as soon as possible in case your email address is changed so you don't miss the notice from school.

First Day of School will be 9/14/2019.

June 7, 2019

Dear parents,

Tomorrow is the last day of Tzu Chi Academy this year and please still send your students to school on time at 9 am.  

There are two important events will affects parking and traffic around school area. So if you want to get a parking spot close to the school and attend event on time, please plan to arrive earlier.

  1. Please do not park on school bus stalls in north lot.
  2. There is a bike ride event close to Tillicum Middle School, so please exercise patience and caution as you make your way to school. 

Tonight, we just finished setting up the Gym and get ready for the Closing Ceremony tomorrow. All families are welcome to join the Ceremony start at 10:30. Please arrive 10 min earlier.

Best regards,
TCA Admin

April 17, 2019

Registration Process - Please read carefully



註冊組  敬上

April 2, 2019

2019 - 2020 在校生註冊將在春假後按照班級順序開始

      1.     家長為每位學生填寫網路註冊單  (link will be emailed to parents no later than 4/15, please check your mailbox/junk mails)
      2.     在規定日期至註冊組繳交註冊費,先在註冊組領號碼牌
      3.     學費及制服費只收支票,抬頭:Tzu Chi
      4.     家長要完成今年每位孩子六小時的服務時數,才能完成註冊

  Ø 4/20 幼幼班、注音班
  Ø 4/27 一至三年級
  Ø 5/4  四至九年級


Current Students Registration procedure: All the following steps are required to complete registration.
1.     Submit online registration form for each student (link will be emailed to all parents no later than 4/15, please check your mailbox/junk mails)
2.     Come to school on designated payment date, get a number ticket first so you don’t have to stand in line.
3.     Submit all payments to registrar. Checks only, payable to TZU CHI
4.     Parents need to fulfill the service hours for the current school year, 6 hours per child.

Payement dates for each grade as follows:
Ø 4/20  current students of pre-school to phonetic classes
Ø 4/27  current first grade to fourth grade
Ø 5/4    current fifth grade to ninth grade

New Students Registration procedure:  Registrar will contact the parents directly for further details.