April 28, 2016

Please don't miss this rare opportunity - 4/30 家長人文課

這星期六4/30 (11:00-11:50)家長人文課校方邀請到駐西雅圖經濟文化辦事處處長夫人 王貞慧女士主講餐桌禮儀.
她在上個月為我們六年級同學上西餐禮儀, 許多用餐時須注意到的細節讓我們在場的大人們也受益良多, 因此特邀請她來和全校的家長一起分享


Dear Families of Tzu Chi Academy,

On coming Saturday morning, we are honored to have Mrs. Rosa Wang, wife of Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle, to present a class about Dining Etiquette. Rosa also teaches the same class to our students and students love it. Therefore, we invite Rosa to extend this class to parents who are interested in learning proper dining manners in both Chinese and Western ways!

This class will be held from 11:00 to 11:50 at school cafeteria on 4/30.

You are cordially invited, with friends and family, to this class.

Tzu Chi Academy, Seattle

April 15, 2016

Registration open for current students, space will open to waiting list after 5/1

Dear Parents of Current students,

Below is the link to online registration form for the current students only!

Once you click the link above, please enter student's name & birthday to pull out your student's info and then you will received an email or text message which includes a designated link for your student to register, please do not share that link to non current students for your own privacy. 
Submit tuition payment in check to our registrar to complete your registration. She will be at school cafeteria each Saturday.

There will be $10 discount each current student if the registration is completed with tuition payment by 4/30. There is no sibling discount.

after 5/1/2015 (including this date), all available space will be released to students on waiting list.

If you have trouble to pull out your student's info from our database, please send email to tcseattleschool@gmail.com, we will respond as soon as possible.

All coming new students have to contact our registrar first and ensure there is space available before using the online registration system.

Thank you for supporting our Green action - online registration system.



April 4, 2016

2016-2017 學年度註冊即將開始/ Registration for 2016-2017 begins on 4/16

在校生: 於 4/16~4/30內完成註冊手續, 可有$10折扣 (細節請見之前的鋪文)
For current students: registration begins on 4/16, there is a $10 tuition discount per student if you complete online registration and submit payment before 4/30.

For pre-school class: registration opens after 4/16. All students on sign-up list will receive online registration link between 4/10 and 4/13.

The first day of school for next school year is 9/10/2016.

現有學校校舍老舊將拆除重建, 因此我們也將暫時遷移到 Ringdall Jr. High School 上課

The current facility will be torn down and reconstructed after June. We will temporarily move to Ringdall Jr. High School in fall.
(Address: 11650 SE 60th St, Bellevue, WA 98006) 


April 1, 2016

下學年度註冊 - 4/16 在校生先註冊, 5/1以後名額開放

明天4/2要上課. 下星期六4/9放假.

提醒大家4/16在校生與明年幼幼班新生開始註冊網上註冊連結將於4/13送出請留意您的email 訊息.  

請家長上網註冊, 並於4/16到校繳學費. 4/30完成註冊可以享受$10折扣. 校方將於5/1開放所有名額給插班生.

Dear Parents of Tzu Chi Academy,

This is a courtesy reminder for the following two events:
1)       that there will be school session tomorrow. We will have spring break next week (4/9).
2)      The registration for next school year begins on 4/16 for current students and new pre-school students. When you complete the registration by 4/30, you get a $10 discount. On and after 5/1, all space available will open to new students on waiting list.

Please note:
All registration forms are online. The registration link will be emailed to you on 4/13. If your contact email address has changed, please send an email to TCSeattleschool@gmail.com and subject “update contact email” with your student’s class and name in the message body before 4/10. If you do not receive the link on 4/13, please first check your junk box, or come to school on 4/16 or send an email to above email address, then we will resend the link to you.

Below is the procedure of registration,
1.       Follow the link in the email which will be sent to you on 4/13.
2.       Enter your child’s name and birthday to enter your account
3.       Complete the registration data
4.       Submit
5.       Bring your check to registrar during school session (every Saturday until 5/14). You will have to mail the check to Tzu Chi office after 5/14.
6.       If you complete the registration (online & payment) before 4/30, you get $10 discount per student.

If you have any question, you are welcome to contact us at TCSeattleschool@gmail.com.

/Registration office