April 15, 2016

Registration open for current students, space will open to waiting list after 5/1

Dear Parents of Current students,

Below is the link to online registration form for the current students only!

Once you click the link above, please enter student's name & birthday to pull out your student's info and then you will received an email or text message which includes a designated link for your student to register, please do not share that link to non current students for your own privacy. 
Submit tuition payment in check to our registrar to complete your registration. She will be at school cafeteria each Saturday.

There will be $10 discount each current student if the registration is completed with tuition payment by 4/30. There is no sibling discount.

after 5/1/2015 (including this date), all available space will be released to students on waiting list.

If you have trouble to pull out your student's info from our database, please send email to tcseattleschool@gmail.com, we will respond as soon as possible.

All coming new students have to contact our registrar first and ensure there is space available before using the online registration system.

Thank you for supporting our Green action - online registration system.