March 13, 2017

食素、種樹、愛地球 4

Dear Parents of Tzu Chi Academy

期待中的「食素、種樹、愛地球 4」來了!
The  Veggie day of March is coming again. This will be our 4th out five Veggie days of "Love the Earth" series.

Love the Earth by eating NO meat! It is that simple to participate!

When you plead to eat "no meat" the whole day on 3/18/2017, allow us to support your commitment by inviting you to lunch with all other participants at cafeteria this coming Saturday.

Up to now, we have raised more than 1200 trees on the happy land!
Please join us to commit a NO meat day and come accept our big thank-you.

To join the Veggie day and enjoy the lunch, please RSVP by noon on 3/17/2017.

Here is the sign-up link:

Tzu Chi Academy, Seattle

/西雅圖慈濟人文學校  虔誠敬邀