April 29, 2012

日期:May 12, 2012
地點:School Gym, 16020 SE 16th St, Bellevue WA 
場次:第一場 9:30     第二場 10:50  請提早10分鐘入座
Please bring hand lotion to receive the service from your student. 
For sanity sake, please bring your own tea cup too.

May is the Month of Gratitude in Tzu Chi.  We are grateful to our parents, grateful to all sentient beings, and grateful to Buddha.  Thank you for your long term support and unconditional giving to all the students at Tzu Chi Academy. 
     Every student have had previous adopted a “Bamboo Bank.” Regardless of the amount of donation, we hoped to encourage you and your child with cultivating a kind thought every day.  On the day of the “Tea Party”, we would like to welcome the Bamboo Bank home.  We sincerely invite you with your whole family to come to the “Appreciation Tea Party” and allow your child an opportunity to thank you.