August 21, 2012

Dear parents and students,
Summer’s end is approaching. I hope you had a great summer break. The first day of school will be on September 8. For your student’s safety, students please dress in the school uniform; logo white shirts, blue trousers, logo-blue hair clips for girls. Please bring this letter to our staff volunteers at the door before entering the classroom wings. Also for safety reason, we will not allow unregistered students to observe any classes. We sincerely invite you to make sure we have a safe zone since there will be many new faces. If you see anyone wandering around, please kindly refer them to our staff volunteers (also in uniform) in the cafeteria so that we are able to serve them whereas needed.
If you have ordered uniforms along with your registration, your child will pick up his/her uniform from his/her room teacher on the first day of school. Our school address is Tillicum Middle School, 16020 S.E. 16th St. Bellevue, WA 98008. The school hours are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
I hope that you will find Tzu Chi Academy to be a warm, loving, and safe community that engages students, their families, teachers and volunteers both intellectually and socially. Tzu Chi Academy is a very special community where partnership and communication are highly valued.

We offer two conferences for all of the parents, please do attend both of them.
1.      Class information9/15, hosted by class teachers to explain the curricula and important announcements. It is held in your child’s class and is scheduled as follows: 
  9:40-10:20      pre-school ~ 2nd grade
       10:30 -11:10     3rd ~ 6th grade
       11:20-12:00      7th ~ 10th grade
2.      Parents orientation11:00-12:00, 9/22 at cafeteria, hosted by the administration team to welcome all families to our school. A few important announcements will be made. You participation plays the most important role of making children’s education successful. Please attend this orientation as it is most important.            

With Gratitude,
Pei-Hwa Lin 林佩華法號慈覺 恭敬合十
Principal, Tzu Chi Academy Seattle Washington