September 28, 2014

9/27 Parent & Staff meeting

10:45 am, cafeteria
        parents gradually got in the cafeteria waiting for the meeting to begin.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
        meeting started with principal Min-Min welcoming all parents and introduced her experience in Tzu Chi and her dedications to Academy, Min-Min reminded our parents to yield front parking space for our teachers for teachers carrying lots materials to school and for respects. Following is vice principal Pei-Hwa to address how to stay connected with school, consistent electronics polices as in public schools, and accredidated language credits transfer to high school transcripts. Next, another vice principal Cindy went over textbooks, materials, and humanistic classes. She also invited interested parents to join teacher training for future teaching positions. Students Affairs team lead Mei-Shan explained the range of services this team provides and acquiring parents volunteer in making all those services maintained and managed.
        Due to the increase of students of this school year, registrar Demi told our parents the growing of school has greatly stretched to space and teachers' load. She sincerely pleaded all to support and encourage each teacher to motivate and nourish both students and teachers. On side of the growth, we all face the traffic flow in & out of school. Therefore, Ai-Xin dad also our new safety team lead, Dennis Su presented traffic guidelines for all participants and asked for everyone's cooperation and considerations for others.
        Last, our team lead Allen Su notified all the whole year event plan and call for volunteers too.

The meeting PPTs and emergency evacuation map have been uploaded to the blog website, under 'Administration' section.

date: 9/27/2014
time: 11:00-12:00
place: school cafeteria
attendees: 160
reporter: Pei-Hwa Lin
photo: Mabel Su