October 2, 2015


2015 學年度家長人文課要開始囉!!

甚受家長喜愛的家長人文課又回來了, 今年的人文課設計將拉近您與孩子的距離喔!

你看過超人嗎? (有小禮物)
請您呼朋喚友, 一起來看超人!

時間: 10/3/2015, 11:20-11:50 AM
地點: 學校餐廳


2015 school year humanity class for parents is coming!!

Favored by parents the humanities class is back, this year 's humanity courses will be designed to close up the bonding between you and your children!

Have you ever seen a Superman?
Do not miss him or her!
Are You Curious how we lead your children into the humanistic world?
Please come with your family and friends to visit Superman !

Time : 11: 20-11: 50 AM on 10/3/2015
Location : School cafeteria

Small gifts will be given in the class, Come join us !!!!!!