December 6, 2015

12/5 booksale to help Syria; 12/12 Parent's class


(12/5/2015舊書義賣  9:30am- 11:30am
由於慈濟西雅圖支會即將搬新會所校方在整理舊的資源室時決定把18 年來累積的一些各方捐贈而學校不再需要的兒童故事書以及不再使用的教科書,作業本於 12/5在學校舉行舊書義賣, 歡迎家長前來請購

() 12/12/2015家長人文課 11:20am - 11:50am
我們會將獲得德國紅點設計大獎 (Red Dot Design Award) 最高品質獎的"淨斯多功能福慧床"帶到現場介紹給大家機會難得請勿錯過.

Dear Parents of Tzu Chi Academy
Please join the following two activities on coming Saturday and next week Saturday in the school cafeteria.

 1. 12/5/2015 Used books sale, 9:30 ~ 11:30 AM
Used books sale, all funds raised will go to Tzu Chi Foundation to support Children of Syrian Refugee in Turkey to continue their education. Please visit the cafeteria on 12/5 and pick some Chinese books for your children, at the same time, help other children’s education!

The following videos are for your reference. 
Turkish 星月下的愛無國界-孩童異鄉求學的故事 (4 minutes)
【見證台灣生命力】20150726 - 星月下的愛 - 無國界 (48 minutes)

 2. 12/12/2015 Humanity class for Parents, 11:20 ~ 11:50 AM
The third Humanity class for Parents will talk about an award-winning bed by Tzu Chi. Would you like to know why Tzu Chi invent a folding bed through their mission? We will bring one to the class for you to try or test on. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Look forward to seeing you at school cafeteria.

行政團隊/Admin Team 感恩合十