November 3, 2016

Eating veggies, Planting trees and Loving the earth

Dear Parents,

We would like to announce that Tzu Chi Academy is kicking off a year-round event named “Eating veggies, planting trees and loving the earth.” 

Your child/children will soon receive a yellow coloring card of a tree either last Saturday or next week. Then detail information about this event can be found on the back of this card as well as the participation method in the document here (please click on it).

We would like to invite your children and your entire family to love our earth by a very simple way. Please adopt more vegetarian meals in your daily life.
·         For every vegetarian meal consumed, please color a circle in number sequence on the tree of your own card.
·         For every 5 circles colored in, please collect a tree sticker from the cafeteria and plant it on the poster. Please let your child/children bring this card every week, so we can help them to plant tree accordingly.
·         For parents and other family members participate, please pick up your own coloring cards from cafeteria. Rules to plant a tree sticker is the same as all students.

The next step is,

Tzu Chi Academy, Seattle will hold a Vegetarian Day once a month till next April.  When you vow to  follow a vegetarian diet for breakfast and dinner on the same day, school will provide you a complementary vegetarian lunch on that day in support of your actions to love the earth.  Please go online or to the Cafeteria to register.  The first Vegetarian Day is November 12th, 2016. (Registration online:

Hurry to commit and sign up today.

We are hoping out from this event, all children and family learn that loving the earth is everyone’s responsibility, easy to do, and fun to accomplish as a big family.

Together, we can make a change!

Tzu Chi Academy, Seattle