January 1, 2017

Ethical Eating Day(EED) -世界蔬醒日

為響應慈濟台灣本會在全世界各地推動”Ethical Eating Day”(EED) -”世界蔬醒日運動,慈濟美國總會,製作中英文網頁和中英文線上連署系統, 希望能同步在英語系國家推動此運動。

英文版Ethical Eating Day 網頁已經於12/20正式上線, 大家可以使用以下的網站以及社群網站的資源:

- 網頁: EthicialEatingDay.org 
在這個網頁下,您可以看到目前收集的相關照片:http:// www.tzuchi.us/ethical-eating- day-gallery/

邀請您follow 並協助推廣 Ethical Eating Day -世界蔬醒日 的英文版社群網站 on FaceBook &Twitter & Instagram : 


Dear All, 

Following Tzu Chi Taiwan Headquarter’s direction, we are promoting "Ethical Eating Day 111” movement.  The goal is promoting Ethical Eating in English speaking countries and reach out to English speaking communities. The website has been launched on December 20th, please help us to spread out words ! Here are all the online resources for your reference - 

- Website EthicialEatingDay.org 

Please follow EED social media sites on FaceBook &Twitter & Instagram -

Tzu Chi Humanitarian Culture Group