September 27, 2018

Second Week Review

Last week we held a meeting for parents presented by core staff. You can find the presentation file here.

Two highlights for this meeting are:
1) Parents need to fulfill parents volunteer rotation as promised during the registration process last spring. Parents who do not fulfill the hours will not be able to complete the registration for your students next school year.
2) Though there are more parking in the new facility, we would like to reserve front parking space for teachers and staff because they need to carry heavy materials to school. Please follow our traffic crew volunteers for drop-off/pick-up and parking.

Teachers and parents meeting started last week, from 2nd grade to 4th grade. This week will be our youngest classes to first grade. The last group of 5th to 10th grades will be next week. The exact time will be posted on the right pane of this website under "Upcoming Events" column.

Again, thanks for all your attention and support!

/Activity Team & Staff