October 4, 2012

10/27 Halloween - kind to ourselves and the earth, and how?

Dear Parents & Students,

Are you ready for the Halloween?
This year, we would like to make a difference to celebrate the Halloween on 10/27 at school.

The trick is - bring in your home-made costume by either reusing, reducing or recycling.
The treat is - save money, have fun making costume, get a healthy snack

Hurry up! Talk to your children and start the project now. You can trade your old costume with someone else from school or neighbors, or just make one from recycled materials.

By reducing reusable materials, we also reduce air pollution (ha, why? we may ask you the questions on 10/27). It means that we are more friendlier to our earth where we live and heavily depend on.

We will keep you posted for further details. Stay tuned.

/Activity Team - Event committee