April 13, 2013


3/30我們展開第一次的練習,練習前校長鼓勵大家接受茹素的挑戰,從36餐進而72餐,再到108餐,以此願力放入練習的過程,報名參加的家長都很棒,上前領取了發願茹素記錄卡,為自己做見證。如果您有興趣加入但是還沒有報名,請連繫學校活動組報名 tcseattleschool@gmail.com, 我們會儘速與您連絡

What kind of motivation and inspiration that made Master Jian-Zhen devote eleven years, exhausting his energy and money, to sailing to Japan in order to teach the vinaya?
After three presentations to parents back in March, we encourage parents to join the performance of "from vow to action" and "fulfill the dream" which we will perform on the last day of school ceremony. The spirit of Master Jian-Zhen is a model for all to learn from. Therefore, before we set off to the first practice on 3/30, principal Lin challenged all participating parents to be vegetarians for at least 36 meals and beyond. Parents accept the challenge and gladly pick up the veggie meal record cards. If you are interested in joining in, please contact us via email to sign up. Our email is tcseattleschool@gmail.com

Some photos we took during the practice can be found on our school photo album (on the right pane).