March 22, 2018

School Safety Announcement

This is an announcement in regards to our campus safety, there are several things that need to be addressed and we kindly ask for everyone’s cooperation towards the issue.
1.   Last Saturday, a student has made statements about bombs and guns toward fellow classmates. May we remind you this is unacceptable and a serious issue that needs to be addressed. We have made a verbal warning towards the student and have informed the parents, who are required to take the matter seriously and communicate with the student at home. After the incident, the administrative team immediately gather all the information needed and have decided it would the at everyone’s best interest to follow the rules and guidelines of the Bellevue School District. If the situation continues or escalates, we’re required to inform the police department. This is a safety issue concerning all students, teachers, and parents, we want to assure you the school takes the matter very seriously to prevent any posed threats. We have attached BSD Safety Code of Conduct.
2.   We ask all parents to speak to their children about inappropriate usage of words even when used as a joke. Any threats made whether spoken, acted, or symbolic, direct or indirect are unacceptable and would require the school to respond with immediate measures.
3.   We kindly remind all room parents to wear a volunteer vest prior entering the classrooms to help the security crew patrolling the school parameters. May we remind you again this is an “open” campus, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
School safety has always been an imperative subject matter to our school. With increase in tallied gun violence, we ask for everyone’s cooperation and effort to make this a safe learning environment for our kids.
Thank you,
Tzu Chi Academy Administrative Team

  1. 上星期六,有學生口頭說出關於炸彈和槍的言語,這是學校絕對不能接受的,因此我們請大家一起來正視這個問題。學校除了對這位學生進行口頭申誡,並告知家長,且請家長務必回函確認在家裡有再次和學生嚴肅溝通。事情發生後,行政團隊立即蒐集資料,決定以後將遵守Bellevue School District 的守則,若情況嚴重,我們將有可能直接通知警察。這是全校所有老師,學生,家長的安全問題,學校將會非常嚴肅處理,以避免任何可能發生的不安全情況。 (附件是BSD safety code of conduct)
  1. 請各位家長需和學生說明,這些不當言語,或是假裝的動作,不可拿來當作玩笑的內容,因為這也同時牽涉到威脅。若有發現,學校將會採取立即的措施。 
  1. 請所有進教室的家長,務必領取志工背心,以便安全團隊巡邏時,能辨別是否為陌生人。再重申一次,這個校區開放,請大家幫忙配合穿上志工背心,將會讓學校更為安全