April 21, 2018

2018學年度註冊 - 4/21開始

Dear Parents of Tzu Chi Academy,

Registration for next school year will begin on coming Saturday.
Attached you will find a full document of year 2018-2019 registration information and a tentative school calendar. We would like to make a quick reminder about the registration process new to this year.

First, to reduce the waiting time, each class is assigned to a certain date for registration. If you have children whose classes are between those assigned dates, you are allowed to pick one assigned date to register all students in one trip. Registration time runs from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Please complete your online registration form prior to making tuition payment at school on the following dates,

For current pre-school classes (幼幼班) and phonetic classes (注音班) : 4/21/2018
For first grade to forth grade (一至四年級) : 4/28/2018
For fifth grade to ninth grade (五至九年級) : 5/5/2018

Second, tuition shall be made by check payable to “Tzu Chi” with your student’s name and current class written on the memo line.

Third, all current students complete their registration before 5/5 noon will be issued a $10 discount toward registration fee so the total fee is $390 not including any uniform.

Fourth, all incoming new preschool students will be notified to complete registration and make payment on 4/21/2018, the total fee is $420 which includes one uniform.

Last, we are gladly to announce that we will move in to the new construction of Tillicum Middle School next fall. The address is 16020 SE 16th St., Bellevue WA 98008.

The online registration form link: https://www.tzuchiacademyseattle.org/register2018/

If you have any question, please email tcseattleschool@gmail.com (or ask Andy to give us a school email account).

Registration Office