October 21, 2020



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活動組 感恩合十

Although restricted by the epidemic, the school is still working hard to reward our hardworking students. Because this year’s Halloween falls on Saturday, admin team has decided to combine Halloween celebration with the honor store for the opportunity to exchange prizes. You are cordially invited to experience this event. The date of the event is October 31st between 2pm and 4pm. Please help your child to dress up for Halloween and bring honor cards/paper/certificates to the Tzu Chi Seattle branch so students can exchange their earned honor cards for prizes, and there are also candies and small thanks-for-coming gifts. Despite it is a small-scale activity, everyone's health is still the top priority. Please wear a facial mask and keep a safe distance when lining up for each booth. We will still take everyone's temperature and provide hand sanitizer. The weather is getting chill in October, so please dress properly to keep warm. For details of the event, please refer to the school blog.

In order to prepare for enough small gifts and shortening the waiting time, if you can attend the event, please complete the questionnaire. We are grateful again for your company, encouragement and support. May Everyone be happy and safe!

Tzu Chi Administration Team

棉花糖 cotton candy

扭蛋 capsule vending machine