October 2, 2020

近期活動預告 Comping up Events


10/10 將舉辦本學年度第一次的校長咖啡時間。

11/1 起將開始接受新生註冊登記,請email to tcseattleschool@gmail.com。

10/31 將舉辦跳蚤市場。

The TzuChi Academy will launch a series of activities in the next few weeks:  

On 10/10/2020, the principal’s coffee time will be held for the first time this school year. 

Registration process for new students (2021-2022) will start in early November.

Please email request to tcseattleschool@gmail.com for details; 

and there will be a school flea market event on 11/14/2020.