November 11, 2012

Subject: Fundraising for Hurricane Sandy survivors

Dear parents, good day!

At the end of October, Hurricane Sandy destroyed hundreds of homes and caused enormous damages from the flood and fire. While we are counting our blessings, Tzu Chi volunteers have come together providing hot meals, blankets, and debit  cards for the hurricane survivors.
Tzu Chi's immediate relief actions have distributed more than 1,600 families in Greater New York area.

Although we are in Seattle, we can still help our neighbors in New York and New Jersey. We will be doing sidewalk fundraising at Bellevue Square from 11:00 to 3 pm today. In case you stop by Bellevue Square today, do come by and visit us in front of Macy's.

Much appreciated,
/Pei-Hwa Lin
Principal, Tzu Chi Academy